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Dysmenorrhea Support

Dysmenorrhea and TCM

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, several organ systems are involved in dysmenorrhea, mainly Liver, Kidney and Uterus (the capital letter denotes an energetic system and not the western medicine organ). Also, how freely Qi (vital energy) flows plays a crucial role in painful periods. There is a saying in Chinese medicine: "bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong.” which basically translates to "If there is no free flow, there is pain; if there is free flow, there is no pain". When the Qi of the Liver stagnates, it can create PMS and painful periods. While Liver Qi Stagnation is a main contributor of dysmenorrhea, Blood (yes, the red stuff in western medicine, but with more attributes - hence the capital B) Stagnation, Cold Uterus, and disharmony of any of the channels supporting a healthy female reproductive system could cause dysmenorrhea.

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of acupuncture in the the treatment of dysmenorrhea. One study concluded that: "Acupuncture could be considered as an effective treatment modality for the management of primary dysmenorrhea".

Initial visit (includes treatment): $180

Subsequent treatments: $90

Painful Periods - Dysmenorrhea at Acupuncture Fertility Center of Rocklin


A Few Studies

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