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Fertility Support

Conceiving Naturally

While trying to conceive naturally, a healthy blood flow to the entire reproductive system is crucial to create healthy eggs and healthy sperm as well as maintaining a healthy endometrium. It is well understood that stress can diminish blood flow to those organs, making conception more difficult when couples are under stress. Acupuncture, as shown by multiple studies, is a safe and effective way to increase blood flow and decrease stress, two factors that will affect conception in a negative way if not kept in check.

Conceivng Nturally at Acupuncture Fertility Cente of Rocklin

IVF Support

At least four weeks before the egg retrieval phase, we start working with our patients to make sure that the eggs that their IVF clinic will be retrieving are of the highest quality. During the transfer phase, our focus is to make sure that the endometrium is as thick as possible. Four weeks before the transfer we begin to work with patients - aiming for a thickness of at least 8mm. In addition, studies have shown that the success of an embryo transfer can be increased when acupuncture is done the day of the transfer - before and after the transfer. 

IVF Support at Acupuncture Fertility Center of Rocklin

IUI Support

There are several reasons why a patient might decide to do an intrauterine insemination; the patient might not be ovulating, the sperm of the patient's partner is of low quality (low motility, low count, etc.), the patient is single, or the patient's partner is of the same gender as the patient. The treatment plan for the patient who will be carrying the baby is to increase blood flow to the entire reproductive system with the goal of improving egg quality as well as endometrium receptivity. At the same time, if there is a male partner and a semen analysis shows low sperm quality, treating the male partner becomes part of the treatment plan.

IUI Support at Acupuncture Fertility Center of Rocklin

Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy

All light falls along a spectrum of wavelengths. Blue, red, near-infrared and infrared wavelengths (480 - 1060 nanometers) are in a range known as the "therapeutic window". These wavelengths of light are bioactive in humans, which mean they have a biological effect on the body and affect the function of our cells.

During a photobiomodulation, or light therapy, treatment, several biological systems are activated and enhanced with the goal of increasing ATP so that the cell can have more energy to do its job.


Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapy

The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT)® are non-invasive, external massage technique which guide internal abdominal organs into their optimum position for improved health and well-being.

ATMAT applies anatomy, physiology, herbology and naprapathy (study of the ligaments, joints and muscles) with ancient Maya healing techniques to address common pelvic complaints. The technique works by relieving congestion and blockages in order to improve the flow of circulatory and lymphatic fluids, energy and the nervous system.

Arvigo at Acupuncture Fertility Center of Rocklin

Emotional Support

There are many challenges a couple can experience along their journey towards becoming parents, which can cause emotional distress. As shown by several studies, acupuncture is very well-suited to manage strong emotions. By moving the energy (Qi) of the affected organ systems, acupuncture is able to control the emotions resulting from these challenges. For example, sadness and grief can affect the Qi of the Lungs system by either depleting its Qi or by stagnating it. By using points to move the Qi of the Lungs, and/or using points to boost it, the patient begins to feel less sadness. 

Emmotional Support at Acupuncture Fertility Center of Rocklin
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