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Emotional Support

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), emotions are intricately related with a specific organ system and the imbalance of the energy of that organ system can influence physical health and vice versa. For example, the emotion of the Heart is joy. When the energy of the Heart system is out of balance, one can experience lack of enthusiasm, mental restlessness, depression, and anxiety. Another example is when unresolved grief, which can become chronic, affects the energy of the Lung system and one experiences excessive sadness, detachment, and uncontrollable crying. Fear is related to the energetic system of the Kidneys. When the energy of this organ system is in balance, the person has the normal and adaptive amount of fear, but when in disharmony, one can experience lack of willpower, become insecure, aloof, and isolated. While a mild and acute expression of anger would be considered normal, an explosive outburst of anger, resentment, frustration, or bitterness, can create a disharmony of the Liver system. The energy system of the Spleen, which in TCM is considered the organ that creates Blood and Qi, can easily be disturbed by worrying or focusing too much on a particular topic.

It is normal to experience all kinds of emotions after a negative fertility outcome. Perhaps there is the sadness (affecting the Lungs) that one is still not pregnant, or the frustration (affecting the Liver) that the IVF cycle did not work, or the fear (affecting the Kidneys) that one might never be able to conceive, or the constant worry (affecting the Spleen) about being able to afford another IVF cycle. Because these emotions can potentially affect the different organ systems, creating an array of physical symptoms, it is crucial to return their Qi to their normal state of balance. As shown by several studies, acupuncture is very effective in treating emotions. A systematic review of clinical research published in by Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2018 concluded that acupuncture leads to a decrease level of anxiety.

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Emotional Support at Acupuncture Fertilit Center of Rocklin


Initial visit (includes treatment)  $180

Subsequent treatments  $90

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